Indecent Conversation between Amir Liaquat and Meera

After all the buildup and fierceness and civil arguments about Ramzan transmissions, they are no place close to any change. Or maybe, as Ramzan is advancing, they are getting increasingly trivial, more foul and as segregated from the sacredness of this current month as would be prudent.

In his current diversion indicate “Ramzan Mein Bol”, Amir Liaquat welcomed Meera. As the show unfurled, it wasn’t right on such a variety of levels. From young men proposing to Meera through verse to Meera telling the things she would be doing to substantiate herself a decent spouse and little girl in law, ary dramas it was an extremely disparaging and bold ramzan transmission, on the off chance that I may call it that.

The significant expressions and tones that Amir Liaqat utilized were very unseemly and Meera’s reactions were no great. In all actuality, she was playing an amusement yet there must be better routes, particularly in 2017, to be a decent spouse, than washing and pressing garments, and birthing children and awakening your dad in law in the morning.

Greatly disillusioning, without a doubt !!

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