Jeans Buttons

We supply an extensive variety of metal trimmings and fittings for both form and capacity. Things incorporate jeans buttons, bolts, snap latches, eyelets and decals. All things are specially crafted to your necessities and there are a wealth of styles jeans buttons and rivets manufacturers and completes accessible for making the ideal metal trims for your articles of clothing and design adornments.

Jeans Buttons

Jeans Catch Styles

Level Top

Domed Top

Open Top (Level and Curved)

Moveable Shank


Engraved and Raised

Laser Engraved

Shading Infill

Epoxy Covering

The run of the mill sizes for jeans buttons are 17mm for a top catch and 14mm for a fly catch, however we can make to different sizes as required.

Data and Assets

Our jeans buttons are provided with a connecting nail and would then be able to be connected with a press machine. We supply a connecting bite the dust set which we make to fit your machine.

Least Request Amount

Our base request amount for jeans buttons is only 1,000 pieces

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